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Increasing your earnings in 2016

What's new: You will earn even more Premier qualifying miles in 2016

We're always working to enhance the MileagePlus® program to give you the best possible experience, on the ground and in the air. Starting  January 1, 2016, you’ll earn a lot more Premier® qualifying miles (PQM) for full-fare and discounted First or Business tickets Footnote 1 * – up to double the current rate. Of course, every flight on United® and our partners lets you earn PQM – but now you can reach MileagePlus Premier status faster than ever when you fly First or Business.

New Premier qualifying miles earned on United and United Express

Fare type Eligible purchased fare classes 2015 PQM earning 2016 PQM earning
Full-fare First or Business F, J 150% 300%
Discounted First or Business A, C, D, Z, P 150% 200%
Full-fare Economy Y, B 150% 150%
Discounted Economy M, E, U. H, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G, N 100% 100%

In addition to United- and United Express®-operated flights, PQM earnings for select Star Alliance (This link opens in a new tab.) partners are also increasing.

Available on bookings starting now

The higher PQM rates go into effect for flights starting January 1, 2016, regardless of booking date, so you can go ahead and book now (This link opens in a new tab.).

We're always working to improve your experience

When you fly in our premium cabins, you'll not only earn more PQM, you'll also enjoy a newly enhanced experience:

  • New chef-designed onboard dining menus offer globally inspired dishes with bold flavors.
  • Our newly reimagined United First seats, which will be installed on our Airbus fleet and Boeing 737-700 and 757-300 aircraft, provide an elevated level of comfort and convenience.

Look for additional premium cabin enhancements (This link opens in a new tab.) to come in 2016 and beyond.

In addition, starting next summer, whenever you fly with us you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee from illy®, a world-renowned coffee with authentic Italian heritage. The dark roasted coffee delivers a beautiful taste and provides an elevated inflight experience.


When will these changes be effective?

Changes to PQM for eligible First and Business tickets will be effective for flights departing on or after January 1, 2016, regardless of when the ticket was issued.

How can I determine how many PQM I will earn for my ticket?

When booking on united.com, you can click on the Details link to see the fare class as well as the estimated amount of PQM you will earn for that flight.

For existing reservations, you can go to Manage Reservations on united.com and view MileagePlus earning information under your reservation.

The new PQM rates may not be visible quite yet, but you will be able to see them in the next few days.

Are PQM rates for Star Alliance partners also changing?

Yes, in addition to United- and United Express-operated flights, PQM rates for select Star Alliance (This link opens in a new tab.) partners are increasing.

Are there any restrictions related to ticketing carrier in order to earn PQM?

No, PQM bonus applies to United, United Express and Star Alliance partner operated flights booked in eligible fare classes regardless of ticketing carrier.

Does this change affect the qualification requirements for Premier status?

No, this change does not affect the qualification requirements for 2016 Premier status. Learn more about Premier status qualification (This link opens in a new tab.).

Will I still earn a minimum of 500 PQM on United or United Express flights and certain partner flights that are shorter than 500 miles?

Yes, Premier members will continue to earn a minimum of 500 PQM on eligible flights shorter than 500 miles.